You’ve journeyed down many roads in life and seem to have a t-shirt commemorating every milestone along the way. And although they’re taking up more storage space than you can spare, you can’t part with them because they tell the story of where you’ve been. But what good is that story if it’s stuffed in boxes and drawers? Instead, free those shirts and sew them into a T-QUILT to share your journey and preserve your memories for years to come!

T-QUILTS has created an easy-to-follow pattern that lets you craft your very own quilt. No need to pay a professional hundreds of dollars to sew it for you. And no need to be a professional yourself – even the most novice sewers find the pattern a breeze. Join the thousands of quilters who have successfully commemorated their lives with T-QUILTS…located at the intersection of Easy Street and Memory Lane!

The price of the T-QUILTS pattern packet is $9.95, which includes shipping and handling.

To order, you have two options:
1. Send a check or money order made out to T-QUILTS and addressed to:


9 King Haigler Chase

Lake Wylie, SC 29710

(Please include your address and phone number)


2. Click below to order online using PayPal’s Secure Checkout: